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  • 外媒:中国二孩政策至少等20年才能带来人口红利 Foreign media: The Two-Child Policy in China may not bring about demographic dividend until after at least 20 years since its implementation
  • 法媒称,去年取消的独生子女政策近期内不会带来人口上的红利。据报道,二孩政策对不断萎缩的劳动力以及快速老龄化的人口所带来的潜在好处至少要20年才能感受到。

    French media said that the repealing of the One-Child Policy in last year would not bring about demographic dividend in the near future. It is reported that the Two-Child Policy may not bring about potential benefits to the declining workforce and the fast aging population until after at least 20 years since its implementation.

  • 张五常谈房价飙升:与劳动合同法有关 Zhang Wuchang’s View about Rapidly Increasing Housing Price: Related to Labor Contract Law
  • 张五常认为,《劳动合同法》对于高科技企业约束较少,所以例如北京、上海、深圳这样高科技企业汇聚的城市会涌入大量精英推高房价,此外,投资设厂回报率过低,人民币汇率下降的预期都催生了房价。

    In the opinion of Zhang Wuchang, since the Labor Contract Law imposes few restrictions on the high-tech enterprises, quite a lot of elite talents will turn to the major cities where high-tech enterprises gather, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, for jobs, as a result of which the housing prices in such cities are pushed up. In addition, low return rate on investment in plants and expectation for the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate contribute to high housing prices.

  • 金秋迎来白领跳槽高峰季 薪酬水平是主因 The job-hopping by white-collar workers will reach its peak in autumn, of which the remuneration is the major cause
  • 《2016年秋季白领跳槽指数调研报告》显示,白领跳槽主因是薪酬水平和企业发展前景,80后、90后白领的跳槽比例都超过50%。

    As shown in the Index Research Report on the Job-Hopping by White-Collar Workers in Autumn of 2016, the main reasons for the white-collar workers to change their jobs are the compensation level and the prospect of an enterprise, and more than 50% of the white-collar workers who were born in the 1980s and 90s have changed their jobs.

  • 富士康要上线4万台机器人 包吃包住月薪3500招不到人 Foxconn plans to put 40,000 robots into operation, as it is still unable to recruit employees by offering the monthly wages of RMB 3,500 plus free meals and accommodation
  • 富士康最近透露,已有超过4万台机器人全面参与到公司的生产流程中。据调查,在富士康一些厂区,包吃包住,3500元的工资,现在也难以招到足够的员工。在缺少人手的情况下,大规模上线机器人来代替人进行简单的加工,应该是一种正常的选择。

    Foxconn has recently revealed that more than 40,000 robots have been used in all steps of its production process. A survey indicates that some plants of Foxconn could not recruit adequate employees even if they offer the monthly wages of RMB 3,500 plus free meals and accommodation. It should be a solution to put robots into operation and use them to perform simple operations instead of human beings when there is a lack of labor.



According to foreign media, Amazon plans to increase the number of its temporary workers by 20%, i.e. 120,000 persons, for the Christmas this year. These positions will be mainly provided by the order execution center, the sorting center and the customer service center.



As shown in the Report on the Talents for the 3rd Quarter of 2016 released by Liepin.com recently, the 3rd quarter has realized a good employment situation, the Internet, financing and real estate industries have the greatest demands for talents, and the workers in the real estate industry receive the 5th highest average annual salaries, which are RMB 223,300.

RMB 5,300


The Second Two-Way Job Fair for National College Graduates 2016 was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on the 16th day. The average remuneration offered by the employers is from RMB 5,000 to 6,000 per month, near to the average expectation of the job applicants who are fresh graduates, which is RMB 5,300 per month.



Chinese Enterprise Recruitment Risk Investigation Report has been officially released recently, showing that more than 80% of the enterprises have been encountered with labor disputes, and 99% of the enterprises have received fraudulent resumes.