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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 多地发布养老金具体调整方案 Several regions have released the specific old-age pension adjustment program
  • 据报道,目前,上海已经调整到位,广东、湖北、陕西等多地已对外公布了养老金具体调整方案。上述地区的调整方案普遍采取了定额调整、挂钩调整与适当倾斜相结合的调整办法。其中,高龄退休人员、艰苦边远地区企业退休人员养老金涨得多一点。

    It is reported that so far, Shanghai has completed the adjustment of old-age pension, while Guangdong, Hubei, Shaanxi and several other regions have released the specific adjustment program. The adjustment programs of the above regions generally adopt the combination of quota adjustment, linked adjustment and appropriate preferential adjustment. Wherein, retirees with an advanced age or those of enterprises in hardship and remote areas will see a higher raise in their pensions.

  • 阿里巴巴:员工可带父母免费体检 Alibaba: Parents of employees can enjoy free physical check-up
  • 近日,阿里巴巴集团“康乃馨”关爱父母计划出台,据了解,每个在职的阿里员工,除自己每年可进行一次公费体检外,还享有2名公费体检的名额,可用于本人父母或配偶父母体检,全国范围内适用。

    Recently, Alibaba Group launched the "Carnation" parent caring program. That is, each Alibaba's serving employee, in addition to his/her own physical check-up paid by the Company, can have 2 more such physical check-up quotas for his/her parents or his or her spouse's parents. The check-up quota can be used anywhere in China.

  • 中兴女高管违纪自首被刑拘:涉资数亿 净身出户 ZTE female executive was detained after surrendering herself: The case involves hundreds of millions of funds, and the person concerned has left marriage without a dime
  • 13日,中兴通讯发布消息称,因涉嫌非法集资和职务犯罪,原工会主席何雪梅已经主动向公安机关投案自首。媒体称,她的涉案金额达数亿。中兴内部人士称,她接受审计后,已与丈夫离婚,净身出户。

    On July 13, ZTE announced that its former Chairman of Trade Union He Xuemei had been surrendered to the public security organ due to illegal fund raising and duty crimes. According to media reports, the case involves several hundreds of millions of funds. A ZTE insider said that after accepting audit, Ms. He has divorced her husband without getting anything.

  • 北京调整六项社保 最低工资标准增至每月2000元 Beijing adjusts six social insurance treatments, with minimum wage standard increasing to RMB 2000/month
  • 近日,北京2017年六项社会保障待遇标准集中调整方案发布,包括企业退休人员养老金、失业保险金、城乡居民基础养老金和福利养老金、工伤保险定期待遇与企业最低工资标准。其中,最低工资标准调整为每月2000元。

    Recently, Beijing released the adjustment program for six social insurance treatments for 2017, including the old-age pension of enterprise retirees, unemployment insurance, basic and welfare pension for urban and rural residents, periodical treatment of work-related injury insurance, and enterprise minimum wage. Wherein, the minimum wage is increased to RMB 2000/month.



Not long ago, Guangdong promulgated a notice to uniformly adjust the the portion of endowment insurance that should be contributed by the enterprise to 14% for all enterprises in the province. The notice will be enacted on July 1, 2017, with a tentative period of 3 years.

RMB 9.79 Million


On July 17, Forbes China unveiled the latest List of Remuneration of CEOs for A-share Listed Companies. According to this list, a total of 661 CEOs of China's A-share listed companies had a remuneration over RMB 1 million in 2016, while the total remuneration of all CEOs amounted to RMB 1.31483 billion. With RMB 9.79 million in the year, Yu Liang, President of Wanke, was ranked the most expensive A-share CEO.

RMB 7,376 Yuan


As shown by a report released by zhaopin.com a few days ago, the average monthly salary for recruitment in the 37 major cities of China is currently RMB 7,376. In terms of competition for jobs, 35.8 people are competing for one job on an average.



On July 17, Xing Zhihong, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, revealed in Beijing that more than 7.35 million urban and rural residents were employed in the first half of this year, an increase of 180,000 over the same period of last year. Accordingly, the annual target of 66.8% has already been attained.