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  • 财政部:扩大残疾人就业保障金免征范围 Ministry of Finance: To expand the scope of exemption of employment security fund for the disabled
  • 财政部17日发布通知,提出调整残疾人就业保障金征收政策,将残疾人就业保障金免征范围调整为在职职工总数30人(含)以下的企业,设置残疾人就业保障金征收标准上限。

    In the notice issued on the 17th day, the Ministry of Finance proposes to adjust the policy concerning collection of employment security fund for the disabled, which includes enterprises with less than 30 on-the-job employees (inclusive) in the scope of exemption of employment security fund for the disabled, and sets the cap of employment security fund for the disabled to be collected.

  • 人社部:逐步实现工伤医疗费联网实时结算 MOHRSS: To realize online real-time settlement of medical fees for work-related injuries step by step
  • 人社部日前印发《关于进一步做好建筑业工伤保险工作》的通知,要求各地人社部门做好建筑业工伤保险工作,逐步实现工伤医疗费用联网实时结算。

    MOHRSS issued the notice on “Doing a Better Work Concerning Work-related Injury Insurance in the Building Industry” a few days ago, requiring departments of human resources and social security at all levels to do well work concerning work-related injuries, and to realize online real-time settlement of medial fees for work-related injuries step by step.

  • 失业保险降费率开始落地 Lowered rate of unemployment insurance comes into effect
  • 阶段性降低失业保险费率政策开始落地。近日,山东等地率先出台政策,将失业保险费率由1.5%降至1%。随着失业保险费率的降低,企业和职工的负担会得到减轻。

    The policy on lowering rate of unemployment insurance periodically comes into effect. Recently, Shandong and other regions have taken the lead in introducing policies on decreasing the rate of unemployment insurance from 1.5% to 1%. As the rate of unemployment insurance decreases, burden of enterprises and employees will be eased.

  • 人社部:大力治理“挂证”乱象 MOHRSS: To make great efforts to administer chaotic phenomenon of “leasing qualification certificates to other entities”
  • 人社会部相关负责人近日表示,针对“挂证”的根源性问题,下一步将采取针对性措施,推动多部门联合行动,大力整治“挂证”乱象。

    The department vows to take targeted measures to remove original reasons for “leasing qualification certificates to other entities”, and push the authorities concerned to make great concerted efforts to administer chaotic phenomenon of “leasing qualification certificates o other entities”, said a principal of MOHRSS recently.



The report issued by zhaopin.com recently shows that the higher the academic degree of women, the more obviously they confront sex discrimination in employment, especially for females with master degree, 43% of whom believe there is serious sexual discrimination in employment.



According to Report on Remuneration by Industry and Nationality in 2016 issued by an institution, in terms of increase trend of remuneration in 2016, the average increase rate of remuneration offered by European and American enterprises reached 12.5%, nearly double that of Japanese enterprises (6.73%) and Chinese enterprises (6.93%).

1-2 Days


Any female employee giving multiple births shall be granted another maternity leave of 15 days for each one more baby she gives birth to; any female employee may apply for leave for 1 to 2 days, if she cannot work normally due to serious dysmenorrhea...…On the 20th day, the People's Government of Shaanxi Province announced Measures of Shaanxi Province for the Implementation of Special Rules on Labor Protection of Female Employees, and solicited advice from the society.



A report issued recently shows that among employees aged 30-40, those aged 35-40 are more likely to be job-hoppers. Data shows that employers at home are used to setting the age limit of 35 as a qualified physical condition for job candidates upon recruitment. The age of 35 has become somehow approved timebomb in the job market.