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  • 北京发布劳动争议十大典型案例 Beijing Released Top 10 Typical Labor Dispute Cases
  • 近日,北京市人社局向社会公布了2015年劳动争议十大典型案例,涉及劳动报酬、劳动合同解除和终止、休假工资、医疗期等常见的劳动争议。

    Recently, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has released to the public 2015 top 10 typical labor dispute cases, which involve common labor disputes over remuneration, dissolution and termination of labor contract, holiday pay, and medical period, etc.

  • 外国人来华工作许可制 上海10月起将率先试点 Shanghai Will Try to Issue Work Permits For Foreigners Working Therein Since Oct.
  • 对来华工作的外国人分为A、B、C三类,即外国高端人才,外国专业人才,以及符合国内劳动力市场需求、从事临时性、季节性、非技术性或服务性工作的外国人,实行计点积分制。

    Shanghai classifies foreigners working therein into three types: class A, B and C, namely high-end talents, professional talents and foreigners engaged in temporary, seasonal, non-technical and service jobs due to the demand of domestic labor market, and implements points-based system for them.

  • 9省份上调最低工资标准 9 Provinces and Cities Have Increased Their Minimum Wages
  • 截至9月13日,全国已有江苏、上海、天津、山东、辽宁、重庆、海南、河北、北京9个省份上调了最低工资标准,平均增幅在11%左右。目前,全国月最低工资标准最高的是上海的2190元,小时最低工资标准最高的是北京的21元。

    As at Sep. 13, 9 provinces and cities in China, namely Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei and Beijing have increased their minimum wages, facilitating the average increase about 11%. At present, the highest monthly minimum wage in China is RMB 2,190 offered by Shanghai, and the highest hourly minimum pay is RMB 21 offered by Beijing.

  • 多地公布上调养老金 Many Regions Published Increase Of the Old-Age Pension
  • 近日,北京、云南、陕西、广西等省份陆续公布退休人员基本养老金调整方案,按照人社部、财政部此前明确的总体上调6.5%左右要求,提高退休人员基本养老金水平。

    Recently, provinces such as Beijing, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Guangxi have successively published schemes for adjusting basic old-age pension for the retired to increase the basic old-age pension for the retired according to the requirement of increasing the old-age pension by around 6.5% in an overall manner that was previously determined by the MOHRSS and the Ministry of Finance.



The latest data published by the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China shows that the labor productivity of China in 2015 is only 40% of the world’s average level, and is equivalent to 7.4% of the labor productivity of America.

Less than 6 months


The social insurance data in 2015 published by the MOHRSS recently reveals that the pooling funds of 6 regions including Beijing and Tianjin are not enough to pay 6 months’ social insurance premiums.



According to a study, female employees are as active as male employees in striving for salary increase, but the probability for male employees to succeed in asking for salary increase is 25% higher than that for female employees to do so. The study also dispels the myth that female employees are too timid to ask for salary increase.

1.2 Times


A survey finds that the gap between the income of college graduates and that of peasant workers has narrowed from 1.8 times (the former was 1.8 times higher than the latter in 2005) to 1.2 times.